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The Sahara Glow Beauty Collection

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The Sahara Glow Beauty Collection

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It is important to us at Azara Beautique to continue the ancient and admirable Arabian tradition of gift-giving. Each of our gift sets reflects beauty, thoughtfulness, care and luxury to celebrate the act of love and kindness towards friends, lovers, family members and new acquaintances. Whether it is for someone’s birthday, Eid, Christmas, wedding, baby shower, anniversary, to say thank you or even to say sorry, we have the perfect gift for each occasion. As a company that is passionate about health and the environment, we believe that nothing is more wonderful than giving someone a gift that can help to improve their physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Drawing inspiration from the soft warm sands of the Sahara Desert, we created a luxurious and traditional face mask that is best mixed with liquid gold Yemeni sidr honey and mineral-rich Zamzam water infused with fresh and fragrant Madina roses to give your skin a smooth and beautiful glow. This set is accompanied by one of our luxury lip balms, which makes it a perfect gift for any woman who loves to be pampered.

This collection includes:

1 Sahara Glow Face Mask

1 Face Toner

1 Lip Balm

1 Handmade Olive Wood Spoon

1 Handmade Face Mask Dish (Moroccan Arar wood)

1 Handmade Hemp Face Cloth

1 Gift Bag or Gift Basket

Please check each product page for ingredient and allergen information.

These products come together in a set. 

These products may not be suitable for vegans, as some contain honey.

Handmade in the United Kingdom.

Please check each product page for information on how to use each product. 

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